The different school in Torrevieja, meet La Casita Bilingual School

All the things that happen around the children influence in their perception of the world and in their developing responses. And that is the principle that motivates the activity of our school in Torrevieja.

  • Provide each child everything they need to be happy and develop their full potential.
  • Individualized objectives, resources and working methods to meet the needs of the children.
  • Enjoy in a fun environment rich in language skills where we give special attention to stimulate.
  • Working autonomy, taking care specially on the diet because of their health and all habits and routines.
  • Education based on universal and essential, values compatible with all faiths, cultures and trends.
  • Create an emotional climate serene, balanced, where the smile and joy are the most common emotion.
  • Early Morning ServiceWe have this offer for families who need this service with all the reassurance that their children are caring by qualified professionals. The morning of our early morning classroom is open 07:00 – 09:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Lunch Service: We offer a quality service of lunch where education about healthy eating takes an important place. Our commitment is to feed a lifestyle happy, healthy and safe.
  • From 17:30, our nursery continues to provide quality education through workshops, sports and English classes fun. For this we offer an extensive schedule of extracurricular activities, which will be from 17:30 to 20:15.
  • Discover the variety of services we offer some of them do not exist in the area, with innovative methodology and qualified native teachers. As English and Spanish classes for adults.

Enroll your child in La Casita Bilingual

  • In La Casita Bilingual School we want to take that early childhood is an optimal period. Children that are exposed to two or more languages, learn both without difficulty, as if it were two mother tongues.
  • Surprisingly, the mind of a child is able to learn two or more languages ​​simultaneously, without thereby be undermined its development.
  • To be truly bilingual, an early start is the best choice, there are countless benefits to start an early bilingual education.
  • It has been proven that a good development of emotional intelligence influences the professional and social success of children in the futureThat is why the embrace and the joy of the educator accompany each learning.
  • We have different learning projects in order to develop the emotional growth of our students. As emotions in movement, music therapy, etc.
  • It is important to understand that it is not just theoretical content, which is necessary.